Our Teammates of Commerce Lawyers

Mr. Sun Jin (Marlow), Attorney at law

Major practice area of Mr. Sun Jin involves litigation, arbitration and non-controversy law affairs of import and export (international trade) and related such as international receivable debt collection, intellectual property, admiralty and maritime, transnational direct investment (WFOE, JV and related) and so on. Before practice, Sun Jin was an export & import businessman for seven years. Now, as a PRC attorney at law, Mr. Sun Jin mainly works for importers from various nations and areas who have disputes with Chinese companies (factories and export trade companies) over disputes of cargo quality, non-delivery of cargos, non-payment, IP disputes and other commercial disputes. Till now, he and his team ever offered hundreds of foreign companies from more than 70 countries and areas with Chinese law services. Mr. Sun Jin’s working languages are English and Chinese.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sun Jin on several occasions between 2007 and 2010. He is an extremely knowledgeable attorney, honest and dedicated to his clients. A good negotiator, who speaks and writes excellent English.....”

---- Mr. Christian Munteanu, CEO at DENG Ltd. ( July 16, 2011)

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Mr. Peng Hui (Peng), Attorney at law

In Mr. Peng’s practice, he focused on law services for enterprises and companies, and now he is the standing counselor of several big or intermediate-size companies, and he is involved deeply into the daily management of the client companies. Mr. Peng has rich experiences in controlling and prevention of companies’ strategic and law risk, and in company and contract management and he ever handled a lot of commercial cases and commercial negotiations in his practice. His main practice areas involve Company law, Labor law and Contract law, as well prevention of criminal risks of companies.

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