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At 9:00 a.m. on August 16, 2023, Yiwu Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued a business license to T¨ırkiye businessman Anas, marking the birth of the first million market operators currently listed in Yiwu. At this point, Yiwu became the first county in the province with a registered market entity exceeding one million, accounting for one tenth of the total number of registered market entities in the province, ranking second in the country. Among the investors of domestic business entities in the city, 34.58% are from within the province, while 65.42% are from outside the province.

Yiwu adheres to the principle of "promoting commerce and building a city" without wavering, continuously relaxing the entry threshold for market operators, enriching structural forms, and cultivating a hot land for entrepreneurship and innovation. The latest data shows that Yiwu has established 167400 new market operating entities this year, an increase of 44.94% compared to the same period last year, with nearly 1600 new businesses added during the peak hours.

Yiwu Yitai Trading Co., Ltd., registered by Annas, is a foreign-funded enterprise jointly established by him and Chinese businessman Xu Hangfei, mainly engaged in cross-border clothing trade. This is also the third company established by Anas in Yiwu. Since arriving in Yiwu in 2010, he has been full of confidence in the Chinese market. Since April this year, 20 containers of products have been shipped. The factory I opened in Futang Town, Yiwu City has even had orders arranged until the end of the year. "Annas said that Yiwu has fertile trading soil, and he has set a" small goal "for the next three years: the annual output value of newly registered enterprises will reach 200 million yuan.

Ant warriors have become the mainstay. Individual businesses are the "capillaries" and "nerve endings" of the market economy. In the development pattern of "small commodities, large industries, small enterprises, and large clusters" in Yiwu, individual businesses are even more vibrant. As of now, the total number of individual businesses in Yiwu has reached 718200, exceeding 70% of the total number of market operators.

E-commerce entities become new engines. In recent years, Yiwu has seized new opportunities in global digital trade, with new industries and formats represented by live streaming e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce constantly emerging. The growth rate of e-commerce operators is rapid, becoming an important growth pole to promote the high-quality development of Yiwu's economy. Nowadays, there are 556900 e-commerce business entities in Yiwu, accounting for one-third of the province's e-commerce business entities.

Foreign investment is on the rise. Yiwu is one of the earliest county-level cities in Zhejiang Province to obtain the authority to register foreign investment, and it is also the first city in China to have a dual track system of resident offices and foreign business entities. The cultivation of foreign business entities has always been at the forefront of the country. In December 2022, Yiwu also launched 10 new measures to optimize the international business environment and provide foreign-related services, resulting in rapid growth of foreign business entities. This year, 798 new foreign-funded business entities were established, an increase of 166.89% year-on-year. Currently, there are a total of 8836 foreign-funded business entities in the city.



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