Introduction of Yangtze Delta

What and where is Yangtze Delta?    

Yangtze Delta, may also be called Changjiang Delta, Yangtze River Delta, just like Zhujiang Delta(Pearl River Delta, the region around Hong Kong and Macau), is a concept of economy and culture, it includes fifteen cities in South of Jiangsu Province (Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Changzhou, Taizhou* and Nantong) and North and East of Zhejiang Province (Ningbo, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing and Zhoushan) as well as Shanghai, and sometimes cities of Taizhou* in Zhejiang Province is also included as it has similar tradition culture and economy developments. These cities are connected over terrain with close tradition culture.

Near the estuary of Yangtze River (Changjiang), the biggest one in China.The climate of Yangtze River Delta is subtropical monsoon one with mild temperature. With fertile soil suitable for planting and ploughing , it is a land of rice and fish and famous for silk. What is more, it is abundant in aquatic products too, with Zhoushan Fishery, Lusi Fishery and Yangtze Estuary Fishery in the vicinity. The importance of the Yangtze River Delta lies on its other geographic advantages, too. It is both the hub of water communication and Gold Coast in China with 1000km of coastal line and 600km inland navigation line along which are located Shanghai, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Nanjing and Zhenjiang etc. From there, vessels can reach the ports of over 160 countries and areas with Shanghai as the centre of the modernised network. The Delta covers the whole area of 1.8million kilometres with the population of 350 million. The main agricultural products produced covers the half of national output and the market is quite potential.

The Yangtze River Delta is quite strong in economic power and the most important manufacturing base in textile, mechanic and electric products,steel and iron,and petrochemical products. The manufacturing industry has been improved with the capacity of designing and developing and with competitive quality and prices. The Delta own 2.2% land area and 10.4% population of Chinese total, but it creates 22.1% of GDP, 24.5% finance income and 28.5% export total value of China and it attracts more than one-third of inward transnational investment.

Here is one of most developed areas in China on economy, science and culture.

Map of Yangtze Delta (Changjiang Delta)
3. Location of Yangtze Delta (Changjiang Delta) in China    
* Two different cities of Taizhou in Jiangsu Province and Taizhou in Zhejiang Provice are same in Chinese PINYIN ( use English letter to mark pronounciations of Chinese words), actually in Chinese words and pronounciations, they are different.


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